a tree full of birds: fmab & microwesten @ formverk, 24th of february - 27th of march 2010, Eskilstuna, Sweden
opening: wednesday, 24.02.2010, 19:00 with a performance arranged by Sackarias Luhanko--- finissage: 27.03.2010, 19:00

  a tree full of birds

‘A Tree Full of Birds’. (say it aloud)- this sentence brings to mind a very clear image everyone has seen.  At first glance, the image seems very still and quiet, almost monolithic, but taking a deeper look brings the realization that every millimeter is very much alive and moving.

‘A Tree Full Of Birds’ is our way of describing the point in which the exhibition finds us. (and by ‘our’ ‘us’ and ‘we’, we mean not only where we are in our art processes, but the state of contemporary art, not to mention a glimpse into society as a whole.)  This exhibition should be seen as a snapshot, a frozen moment in time.   And although the complete picture is the exhibition as a whole, this machine is made up of many individual, self-working components, which is the individual art.

The show takes positions of drawing, painting and video works, examining the visual (and non-visual) elements making up each piece, in a way that the viewer can consider for themselves what the complete narrative is. The underlying concept of the show is based upon establishing a personal connection and dialogue with the visitor, by taking a closer look at the element of narration (the exhibition as a whole) and how each working component (the art) interact to make the story whole.

By piecing together video works, DIRECTLY intermixed with traditional painting and drawing, the aim is to examine the similarities and differences of different media, which play the same role. The contemporary art world is at an interesting point.  With growing technology, Video has developed into a creative medium just as colorful, personalized and present as traditional 2- and 3-dimensional creative media.  It can even go further to bring across a certain message: it does physically move and is less dependent on the perception of the viewer.   Painting and drawing at the same time, carries on the tradition of a certain package; but with technology it could perhaps be seen as more closed and packaged. Since the modern eye has grown accustom to the ‘simplicity’ of technology, it can at times become bored with this.

As previously stated, this ‘snapshot’ also addresses an element of everyday, recalling this image of a tree full of birds. As a source of subject matter, the show pastes together ‘picture-strips’ of individual perceptions and views of human experience, much like old found super-8 footage, to project a communal story of a global humanity, which is easy to relate to.


fmab: valentina bardazzi — carola göllner — christoph kopacviola lopes — mirco magnani — nicolas manenti — paul rascheja — mirko tzotschew

Fridey Mickel Art Berlin! (FMAB) is a young Berlin gallery, established in September 2008.  It developed out of the project originally called ‚Lifebomb’,
started in 2005. It is run by curator Fridey Mickel with the support of a group of artists, working together under different dialogued exhibitions of art.
The idea has expanded from just showing in one place, to working from this base and bringing artwork to the public at large.  There is one exhibition
in the space, as well as around three additional outside shows per month.


microwesten: kim dotty hachmannjulia hürtermatthias rothbertram schillingricarda wallhäuser

Microwesten is a dynamic artists network, aimed at connecting spaces, cities and people. The basic idea is that artists can support each other to gain publicity.  By combining talents with other artists, they broaden their own views and create a new vision of their own art.  Over the years of the groups existence, a dynamic artists organization has developed. The personnel changes slightly or intensively with every event.  The subject of the exhibition is always in close relation to the exhibition venue.