The core of the constellation microwesten consists of a handful of artists, who got together at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, (Art Academy of Kassel, Germany). Their first aim was to continue their working relationship after finishing Art Academy by organizing collective exhibitions in various cities and locations.
The concept developed into a dynamic artists´ organization over the years, which changes slightly or significantly with every event. The thematic approaches of the exhibitions relate to their particular venue. Each exhibition is organized by the artists of microwesten along with guest artists and gallerists. They use their contacts in the art scene of their resident city to expand the group temporarily by inviting other artists to take part in the show. Most of the time, the invited artists take part in only one exhibition, but sometimes they integrate into the group by organizing another show or by actively making their artistic contribution to the group.
microwesten relates to the exhibitions´ locations by choosing a fitting title for the event. The artists are invited to use this title as the theme for their work, but they are not obliged to do so. This practice was established in the famous German holiday resort Oberstdorf by using the title “Souvenir, Souvenir” as the theme of the exhibit. The artists could integrate that topic into their work if they chose to do so.
The aim is to bring different contemporary artistic approaches together in exhibitions without curator interference. The artists benefit from the exchange of views and can engage in discussion with each other and with the audience. In some cases they reflect the new influences and integrate them into the ongoing project.
The artists see themselves as a dynamic group, in which multilayered approaches come together in a mutual exchange that also involves the interested public.


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Kim Dotty Hachmann
Julia Hürter
Matthias Roth
Bertram Schilling
Ricarda Wallhäuser


  contact: P.O.Box 170134 | 10203 Berlin | microwesten(at)gmail.com